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Ultimate gift idea list for tea & book lovers

Updated: Jan 19

tea and books
Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I only ever share what I genuinely love. At no additional cost to you, shopping from some of the links on this post earns small commissions to support the work of this blog.

It's that time again! Time to start planning gifts for your loved ones. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or any other holiday, it's just a great time of year to show love to your friends and family members with some thoughtful gifts.

Got someone on your list who's really hard to buy for, but you know they love tea and books?

I've rounded up some really fun and affordable gift ideas for someone tea drinkers and book lovers.

1. Tea advent calendar

For this gift idea, you've got to plan early. But December just sounds so much cozier with a new cuppa to try every day until Christmas. Check out this classy tea advent calendar from Whittard.

I am also drooling over this beautiful cloth hanging tea advent calendar from Plum Deluxe Tea shown below. I love that it is reusable from year to year and can roll up compactly for storing. Then in future years, you can just order the tea and fill it yourself.


For an economical choice, go with The Republic of Tea's 12 days of sipping advent calendar.

2. Book-inspired tea

Bookish tea is always a fun novelty. Get a set for the literary tea drinker in your life. After opening presents, they will love curling up with their new books and one of these teas to spend the day. Bonus points if you buy them a book that corresponds with the tea!

Check out the cleverly named Novel Teas with literary quotes on every tag, or the Literary Tea Collection, featuring teas inspired by the likes of Jane Austen, Henry David Thoreau, Beatrix Potter, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Any of these can be purchased on Amazon. Check out some of them below.

Harney & Sons also has a couple of book-inspired teas, like this Little Women blend and A Midsummer Night's Tea blend.

3. Book-inspired mug or teacup

Sure to bring a smile to your reading loved one's face is a clever or beautiful book-inspired teacup or coffee mug.

There are so many cute and creative options on etsy. Here's one of my favorites:

And here are some fun options from Amazon:

4. Snarky teas and mugs

Okay, so this one isn't specifically book-inspired, but I recently discovered Snarky Teas and am a big fan.

If you've got a tea lover in your life with a little sass, a potty mouth, and a sense of humor, check out some of their fun products:

Shop through this link and get 10% off your Snarky Tea purchase!

5. Books & tea themed t-shirt

I love a good graphic tee, especially one that shows off the things I love.

There are some positively adorable tea and book lover tees on etsy right now. Check these out:

Here are the cutest ones I found on Amazon:

6. A book about tea

There are so many beautiful books about tea out there that might just be perfect for your tea and book lover, like the ones below.

7. Literary teaspoon

I love these cute teaspoons that remind one of the important things in life. Check out this one from Amazon:

And this cozy one from etsy:

8. Decorative book page

I love using pretty bookish pages to decorate, and odds are your book and tea lover will enjoy these too.

9. Make them a reservation for tea locally

A tea lover will most likely love any tea-related product, but if you really want to surprise and delight them, book an afternoon or other tea service experience for them to go to in person.

Find a cute place within 30 minutes, and let them know you booked it! You can even write that down on a cute piece of paper and wrap that up if you want them to have something to open.

If you're not sure of their schedule, you can always get them a gift card to the restaurant, or just call the restaurant ahead of time and let them know that you will be paying whenever they come in.


Well, that about does it for this year! Any great gift ideas I missed? Let me know!

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