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Here's my pledge to you, dear reader:

  • I will NEVER recommend something that I don't believe in or wouldn't use/purchase myself.

  • I will keep any and all sponsored/affiliated content relevant to the content and focus of my sites.

  • I will remain transparent about sponsorships and affiliations.

  • I will use any earnings to keep generating better and better content for you. 

Here are the links to some of my favorite affiliate partnerships.

Shopping from the links on my posts will NEVER cost you any additional $$, but it DOES help me cover the costs of continuing to run this website and its associated social media pages.

I love sharing my favorite books & Products with you!


What I love about Bookshop is that it makes it easy and affordable to support indie bookstores. It's essentially a collective of independent bookstores. You can even choose your favorite bookstore to receive the earnings of any purchase you make, or just let them distribute it evenly among all their partners. And because they work together, their prices are competitive! While I will include Amazon links to books as well (I know many people don't have the luxury of always buying from indie stores), Bookshop will always be my number one recommendation.

Stay tuned...

More affiliate shops coming

Interested in a partnership with me? Go to my "Work with me" page.

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