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Review Policy

I will only review books, products, and experiences that are relevant to the subjects of this blog, namely:



I enjoy reading and reviewing:

  • Literary fiction

  • Classics

  • Historical fiction

  • Place-based fiction or non-fiction

  • Travel- or reading-related memoirs

  • Travel books

  • Books relating to tea, chocolate, or books


No YA, erotica, sci-fi/fantasy, or Christian fiction.

I can accept books as physical copies (preferred) or Kindle format.

Please see below policy for all reviews before querying.


One of my passions is participating in and writing about travel, specifically book-related or inspired travel. I am open to offers of experiences relating to these things, such as bookish hotels and tours.

Due to the more expensive nature of experiences, if I accept a sponsored experience, I will guarantee at least one post relating to it. The number, nature, and timeline of posts will be negotiated before the experience is accepted by both parties. 


I enjoy reviewing and sharing a wide range of products. Any product must relate to one of the following and be a product I would personally use:

  • Books and reading

  • Travel

  • Tea

  • Chocolate

Reviewing a similar product does not preclude reviewing your product as well. 

I will not return any product unless it is agreed upon in writing prior to receipt of the product. In the case where a review is not published, the sponsor can request the return of the product (at their expense).

Companies should contact me in advance regarding desired level of visibility and payment proposal. 

Please review the policy for all reviews below before querying. 

Policy for All Reviews

If I choose to accept a book, product, or service to review, all reviews will be fair and honest. It may appear as a solitary review (less common), a tea and book pairing, or on a list of titles or experiences, such as my list of Spooky Stories to read or my list of spooky literary places to visit

It may be weeks to months until the book, product, or service appears on my blog, or I may not choose to review it at all. All of these depend on my personal and professional schedule and also whether or not the book, product, or experience resonated with me or was of sufficient quality. If you have a specific timeline in mind for your product, service, or book, please include this in your query letter so I can accept or decline based on that time frame.

Whatever type of post chosen, it will be promoted on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I am also open to collaborating on giveaways, interviews, guest posts, social media takeovers, ads/sponsored posts (purchased), ambassadorships (purchased), and other collaborations.

All sponsored posts are labeled as sponsored as per the FTC guidelines.

Send inquiries to or through my contact form

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